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Question: Why was Dr Christopher so persistent in recommending herbs first before seeking medical assistance?
Answer: By using herbs first to cleanse, nourish and heal the body naturally, many of his patients saved a lot of headaches and financial burdens. The safety of his favorite herbs, have proven safe and effective for over 60 years now. There is always a place for emergency medical assistance. However for the common ailments using herbs first has proven reliable.

Question: Where do I get information on using herbs first.
Answer: Any qualified naturopathic doctor will be able to assist you.

Question: Is there any where else I can get advice on using herbs first?
Answer: You may call Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing at 1-800-489-4254 and ask to speak with David Christopher who is a Master Herbalist and worked closely with his father Dr John R Christopher. David is known world wide for his common sense approach to having the herbs first approach to natural healing.

Question: How safe are herbs?
Answer: Herbs are plants that placed on the earth since the beginning of time as we know it. Over the past 2000 years man has identified certain herbs that are harmful and other herbs that can be safely used. Today the herbal suppliers only sell the safe herbs Alternative health care providers who have studied herbology recommend herbs first before turning to traditional medicines. Unfortunately herbs get a bad reputation when companies try to make drug like substances out of whole herbs.

Whole herbs are exactly that -whole parts of the plants. The theory to Standardize herbs would have you believe that man was smarter than his Maker! Drug companies and want to be drug companies believe that they can take one isolated ingredient from the whole plant and concentrate it (or worse yet produce it synthetically) to get a more powerful affect. BIG PROBLEMS. The Maker of these plants knew what He was doing and place thousands if not millions of balanced ingredients in each carefully designed herb.

The body knows what to do with Whole Herbs. It will use what it needs and dispose of what it does not need. When a person takes an naturally unbalanced product like standardized herbs into their body. It is like putting oil into your gas tank, it may have the similar properties of gas, but it ain't no gas. The body like a car will have trouble running smoothly.

Whole herbs are safe and effective when used sensibly. Use herbs first and you will find that 90% of the time you will not need to seek additional treatments.

Question: Who was Dr John R Christopher?
Answer: Dr Christopher became a Naturopath and began treating his patients in 1945. He studied the medicinal use of herbs and became a world renown Master Herbalist. Unfortunately, he was persecuted by the Medical Profession and back in those days was not allowed to treat his patients naturally. Yet he was the only Naturopath given permission to treat the hard to cure patients in the US Army.

After serving his country, he returned to establish his School of Natural Healing where he taught his patients/ students to use herbs first. In short Dr Christopher was a pioneer in the natural alternative medicine who loved all mankind even the people who persecuted him. He gave freely to all and helped thousands live out their lives in better health.

Question: Can I order by Phone?
Answer: YES! We do have a new call center. You can now call our Toll Free # 1.877.309.2566 to speak to one of our friendly representatives.

Question: I feel unsafe about leaving my Credit Card information online how else can I order?
Answer: We understand your concern and we want you to know that we are protected by a Secure Socket Layer so our customers information is never taken by anyone. If you still are uneasy you can call our Toll Free # 1.877.309.2566 to speak to one of our friendly representatives...or you can send a your order with a Check or Money Order to:
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Question: How much is the Shipping & Handling Fee?
Answer: Shipping & Handling depends on 2 things:
1 - Where the package will be shipped to.
2 - How much the package weighs.
We follow closely to & rates. What you can do is place an online order but do not complete it and you will be able to see your shipping.

Question: How can i get Free Shipping?
Answer: Easy. Orders in the United States $25.00 & over will receive Free Shipping. International Orders $300.00 & over will receive Free Shipping. Click here for full shipping policy.

*On Free Shipping orders LifeBalm will use the least expensive of the USPS with confirmation or UPS Ground methods for that particular order.

Question: Can you mark my order as a gift or declare a lesser value for it so that I don't have to pay as much duty or tax?
Answer: We can appreciate that you would like to save some money, but NO, we cannot do this. It is not only dishonest, it is against the law. Please note that even if the package is marked as a gift, duties and/or taxes may still be collected at the discretion of your government.