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Herbal Supplements

Phytotherapy is a treatment based on the use of medicinal plants. They are used entirely without heavy processing and are usually provided in their natural environment maintaining its biological form. In most cases, herbal supplements carry all the healing properties of the plant itself and promote a better absorption of the active ingredients by the body. Individually compiled supplements can work wonders. However, only qualified specialists or phytotherapeutists have enough knowledge to pick up the required herbs and decide on the most appropriate dosage. This is where ready- made herbal supplements designed by doctors of different research institutes can be very useful. Biologically active herbal supplements are the substances derived from raw materials of plant or vegetable origin. Their main function is to aid the body when various health disorders are present and to accelerate overall recovery. These substances are called supplements because they are added to the food we eat and supply our body with the nutrients it lacks. The biological activity manifests itself in a tangible effect when applied to tissues and organs of the body. They have a positive effect on the body and are thought to eliminate the causes of the disease and not just the symptoms. Herbal supplements have been used traditionally for their positive effect when there is: • Contamination of the environment (food, air, water, soil) • Low nutritional value of food, poor in vitamins, trace elements • Bad habit (smoking, alcohol, coffee) • Multiple sources of low-frequency radiation (TVs, computers, etc.) • Sharp decrease of motor activity and nighttime wakefulness All this destroys a centuries- old biorhythm of the human body, leads to an increase in metabolic disorders and mental illness, and reduces the immunity. Therefore, it is very important to take steps to overcome these conditions and fight off possible health issues.

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