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Group I Symptoms

Lack of Energy
Frequent Illness (more than normal)
Body Odor and/or Bad Breath
Difficulty Digesting Certain Foods
Frequent Consumption of Red Meats
Female Concerns (P.M.S. Menopausal)
Use of Antibiotics Within the Last Three Years
Regular Alcohol Consumption
Mood Swings
Food Allergies
Bags or Dark Circles Under the Eyes
Poor Concentration or Mermory
Poor Resistance to Disease
Belching or Gas After Meals
Stressful Lifestyle
Skin/Compexion Problemsl
Cravings for Sweets and Processed Foods

Group II Symptoms

Regular Consumption of Dairy Products
Feelings of Depression or Uninterest
Too Little Sleep or Restless Sleep
Menopausal Concerns
Any Urinary Concerns
Hair Loss
Sore or Painful Joints
Difficulty Maintaing Ideal Weight
Low Endurance During Activity
Poor Eating Habits
Slow Recovery From Illness
Bowel Activity Less Than Twice Daily
Lack of Appetite
Low Sex Drive
Brittle or Easily Broken Finger Nails
Dry, Damaged, or Dull Hair
High-Fat Diet
Feeling Unsettled, Apprehensive, or Pressured

Group III Symptoms

Low-Fiber Diet
Asthma, Hayfever, or Allergies
Muscle Cramps or Spasms
Exposure to Air Pollution (live in the city)
Regular Caffeine Consumption
Feeling Out of Control
Food or CHemical Sensitives
Problems With Yeast or Fungus
Weakness in Joints, Muscles, or Bones
Excessive Worry
Easily Irritated or Angered
Too Little Exercise
Excessive Mucas or Congestion
More Than 10lbs. Overweight
Spells of Rapid or Skipping Heartbeat
Blood Pressure Problems
Cold Hands or Cold Feet
Excessive Thirst

Group IV Symptoms

Eczema, Psoriasis, or Cracking Skin
Swollen Glands
Post Nasal Drip
Frequent Sinus Problems or Stiffness
Feel Shaky When Hungry
Poor Concentration
History of Stomach Ulcers
Diabetic or High Sugar Consumption
Light-Headedness When Standing Up
Colitis, Diarrhea, or Irratible Bowel
Frequent Heartburn
Numbness or Tingling in Arms or Legs
Muscles Frequently Sore
Stiff Joints in the Morning
Headaches (sinus or migraine)
Dribbling After Urination (men)
Impotency (men)
Pre-Menstraul Depression

Group V Symptoms

Fluid Retention During Menses
Femine Discharge or Vaginal Infections
Food Cravings or Bingeing
Frequent Urination
Urinary Dribble With Laugh or Sneeze
Bladder Infection Within the Last Year
History of Kidney Stones
Frequent Depression of More Than 2 Days
Insomnia -- Getting to Sleep or Waking Up
Periodic Laxative Use
Varicose Veins or Hemmorhoids
Strong Urine Odor
Not Coordinated in Sports